Major and Minor car accident damage repair

Published: 28th December 2011
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In any accident your first concern will be the wellbeing of any people involved; assuming that no-one is seriously hurt the next thing to worry about is getting your car back in roadworthy condition so you can continue with your life.

You probably depend on your car in many ways, perhaps more than you realise. When you find yourself without a vehicle you may start to realize just how much you use it. An auto repair shop that provides a courtesy car may be worth finding then. Even if you just use your car once a week to go to the shops this is one thing you need to be able to do. If you use your car for work or to commute to work then you really need to get things sorted quickly, even a courtesy car wonít be ideal.

How quickly an auto repair shop can do your work is one of the first things you will be looking for when choosing one. Though you are in a hurry a shop that actually takes a look at your car before giving you a timeframe may be better as they have a chance at being accurate. You canít tell how long repairing a car after a collision will take without looking and using measuring tools to show up any structural damage. Those auto repair shops that give you a time without looking may well end up taking longer or may just be skipping important jobs.

Going to an auto body shop that checks your carís frame to see if it is bent is absolutely vital. A carís strength comes mainly from its frame that stops it simply crumpling up in an accident and so a strong frame is important to keep you safe. If a frame has become slightly bent then next time you are in a collision it may well give way very easily. By using laser measuring tools an auto repair shop can tell if a carís frame is bent and whether they can fix this. Auto body shops should be equipped to straighten the frame but not all are. If even with equipment they canít straighten the frame an auto repair shop will have to declare your car a write off and tell your insurance company.

If the auto body shop can communicate with the insurance company themselves this could also save you a lot of time and headaches and make the job much quicker. You should with an authorized auto repair shop be able to give them a claim number and the name of the insurance company and they will do everything from there. This means the auto repair shop will communicate with the insurance company about the work that is needed and make sure that they get paid by the insurance company directly. The advantage to you is that you donít have to be a middleman or woman. Having to be a go between for the auto repair shop and the insurance company for your car repairs takes a lot of time and is something that will be difficult if you know little about cars. If you work or have other commitments not being able to answer queries as soon as they come along will also mean that it could take several days longer to get the work completed while the auto body shop wait for go aheads on work.

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